Affair Emotions: Intensity - The Emotional "Hook" Of An Affair.

Women have a tendency to confuse deeper feelings with spiked emotions and impulses. Women tend to do this because they enjoy having their emotions spiked and stirred; and they also enjoy spiking and stirring emotions in others, too.

All of us have a mixture of masculine and feminine energy.

All of us have a mixture of masculine and feminine energy; and each of these energies has both positive and negative qualities. One of the dark or negative qualities of our masculine nature is an attraction to physical violence; while, one of the dark side or negative qualities of our feminine nature is an attraction to ‘emotional’ violence. In fact, all you have to do is turn on a TV and spend a little time watching programs that are specifically targeted to a female audience, and you’ll know this is true. Quickly you’ll discover that females seem to enjoy watching people get emotionally hurt and humiliated. Watching people get lied to, cheated on, losing loved ones and getting diagnosed with terminal illnesses, these are all must see TV for women. You see, there’s a reason Housewives’ and the Bachelor became franchises; it’s because these shows are emotionally violent. Soap operas and reality shows swing people back and forth from one side of the emotional spectrum to the other; and affairs do the same thing.

In simple terms, our dark masculine side likes watching people get challenged and beat up ‘physically’; while our dark feminine side likes watching people get challenged and beat up ‘emotionally.’

Affairs are emotionally violent.

Affairs are emotionally violent because they swing people from one side of the emotional spectrum to the other; and that’s one of the main reasons women get so ‘hooked’ by them.This constant swinging from one extreme feeling state to another is what people in affairs are really addicted to; and it’s the same dynamic that’s at play with any type of addiction.  In other words, feeling bad is a crucial part of the addiction process.

Sex with a story line.

Affairs couple sex with a juicy, emotional storyline.  The storyline plays an important role in an affair; because it’s used to amp up and intensify feelings.  The story line always combines EMOTIONAL PAIN (reasons we can’t be together) with pleasure (reasons we’re meant to be together)  – and that’s like catnip to the dark side of our feminine nature. Affairs spike intense emotions; they swing us around and around from feeling bad to feeling good and back again – and unfortunately, women often confuse these spikes in their emotions for real feelings. Women gain tremendous insight into their situations when they learn how to make the distinction between emotional spikes and real feelings.

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