The "Stages"

The Female Stages: Four Stages Women Move Through In Long-term Relationships

Several years into my research I was able to identify distinctive patterns and behaviors in the women I interviewed. I categorized these into four separate “stages” that women often experience during the course of their long-term relationships. Read More

The “Male” Stages: Four Stages Men Move Through After Discovering Their Wives Affair

Just as women move through stages (before and after cheating on their husbands), men also move through very four separate stages after discovering their wives’ affair. In fact, after many years of talking with men, I’ve found that men who save their marriages are able to stop themselves from spiraling down. As you will learn from reading the stages, it’s quite common for men who are unable to save their marriages to live in limbo for months, and sometimes years, prior to getting divorced; while their wives continue to cheat and have affairs. Read More

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