How Your Wife’s Affair is Affecting Your Brain... Why Men 'Literally' Can't Think Straight After Discovering Their Wives Affairs.

As Dawson Church explains in his book, Mind to Matter, “When our consciousness is disrupted by stress…We’re afflicted by “brain fog,”…When we’re upset…we’re easily confused, and our cognitive abilities plummet…We are unable to be objective and consider a problem realistically. Stress can result in a drain of more than 70 percent of the frontal lobes, the cognitive centers of the brain.”

Church also writes, “The parts of the brain tasked with emotional regulation are also the ones that handle working memory…Working memory involves awareness, enabling you to remain focused,,,and to sort relevant from irrelevant information. When your emotions are disturbed, those parts of the brain go offline…You then make poor decisions. When you learn effective emotional regulation…you are able to control your emotions, freeing up the brain’s memory circuits to run your life wisely.”

The most basic fundamental difference between men who save their marriages
and men who move through the stages is: Men who save their marriages have the capacity to self-regulate.

As Dr. Gabor Maté explains in his book, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, “No one is born with the capacity for self-regulation…the infant is completely dependent on the parents to regulate his physical and psychological states. Because self-regulation is a developmental achievement, we reach it only if the conditions for development are right. Some people never attain it; even in advanced adulthood they must rely on some external support to quell their discomfort and soothe their anxiety.”

Unfortunately, most of us were never taught how to regulate our emotions, (at least, not in effective and healthy ways).  As a result, we live our lives at the mercy of external circumstances. Oftentimes, without even knowing how vulnerable we are until a major life crisis hits. The one thing men must do when they’re faced with a crisis of infidelity is learn effective self-regulation techniques; the alternative is to spiral down through the stages.

Recent brain research has given us the information and tools we need to decrease our stress and increase our brain functioning. If you’ve ever questioned whether stress affects how well your brain functions; your wife’s affair should have answered that question for you.

If you see yourself in the stages you must commit to a daily stress reduction practice; because reducing stress will restore your cognitive abilities. Counseling can be beneficial. But talk therapy isn’t enough. You need to do something that involves the body; because that’s where we hold pain and stress.

The right direction and ongoing support can change the trajectory of your marriage pretty quickly.  But in order for you to feel secure again in your relationship, you must be able to trust your own mind. Learning effective emotional regulation eliminates men’s self-doubt and restores their confidence and trust in themselves.

The Best Stress Reduction Techniques

EFT Tapping, meditation, deep breathing exercises, a daily 30 minute walk (outside, in nature), and any activity that moves you into a flow state––these activities will help your brain come into coherence. The most rapid benefits I’ve personally experienced are from EFT Tapping. Unfortunately, it took a long time for me to look into Tapping because I thought it was––weird. But there’s nothing weird about it. After learning about tapping, it made perfect sense; and there’s plenty of scientific research to back up the benefits.

Do An Honest Assessment. Do You Feel Out Of Control?

Men often know what they need to do, but they have difficulty remaining consistent in their efforts because their emotions are constantly getting triggered by their wives’ behavior. If you’re moving through the stages, it’s crucial that you do an honest assessment to determine whether you can manage your anxiety and get your emotions under control on your own. If you’re feeling out of control and your behavior has become compulsive—don’t put off getting the help you need. Contact Ashley to learn more about scheduling a consultation.

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