Test_Order_2 Women's Infidelity and Women's Infidelity II are available in paperback or as e-books in Adobe Acrobat Format. Make your selection below:

Start Reading While You’re Waiting For The Paperbacks to Arrive!

When you order Women’s Infidelity and Women’s Infidelity II in paperback you will also receive the books in Adobe Acrobat Format so you can download the eBooks immediately after placing your order and start reading while you’re waiting for the paperbacks to arrive.

Free Next Day Shipping 

All orders are shipped on the following business day. Women’s Infidelity is shipped in a plain envelope without any mention of the contents on the package. Charges to your credit card will appear as McCarlan Enterprises. After you place your order you will be sent directly to the web page where you can download the e-books.  Note: If you have any problems downloading or if you are not redirected to the download page immediately after placing your order please Contact Us and we will send you the e-books via email within 24 hrs.  If you have any questions about ordering Contact Us and you will receive a reply within 24 Hrs.


Best Value

(Missouri Residents 7.575% sales tax will be added to order)

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