Find Out The REAL Reasons Women Cheat, The Specific Pattern Women Follow In Their Affairs And Why Now... Women Are Cheating As Much As Men.

“I’ll show you how to move forward from one of the most prevalent and complex problems couples are facing today in their relationships – female infidelity.” – Michelle Langley, Author of Women’s Infidelity

Are You Having An Affair?

Are you in limbo – torn between your husband and another man? Are you confused about whether you should stay married or get divorced?  Learn how to sort through your feelings and get clear about what you ‘really’ want.

Is Your Wife Having An Affair?

Are you desperate to save your marriage?  Is your wife sending you mixed messages? Go inside the heart and mind of a woman when she’s cheating.  Find out exactly what your wife is thinking and feeling – and what you need to do to save your marriage.

“The Women’s Infidelity Books Are The First Step
In Your Journey To Feeling Normal Again”

Women’s Infidelity: Living In Limbo

Learn the REAL reasons women cheat, and:

Why women lose sexual desire for their husbands
Why women are more likely than men to become addicted to affair sex
Why marriage and fidelity can actually be MORE difficult for women than it is for men
Why women overwhelmingly initiate the majority of all divorces – even when they’re married to good men
Why and how men unknowingly make the problem worseby doing the opposite of what they need to do to save their marriages

Women’s Infidelity II: Breaking Out Of Limbo

Learn how to understand your feelings for your husband, and:

How to know if your feelings for the other man are real
How to understand your feelings for your husband – what it really means when you say, “I love him, but I’m not “in” love with him
How to know if there’s a possibility for a future with the other man
• How to stop your circular thinking
How to end your confusion and move forward in 7 clearly defined steps

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Reviews From Readers

5 star review of The Success Principles

“I never write testimonials, and seldom review books. Yours however, is exceptional. Thanks so much for your insight into women’s affairs & midlife crises…Your book provided me with a compass and powerful insights that guided me through the most confusing and difficult time of my life. This kind of insight simply was not available anywhere else. My wife was able to tell me the truth last night while we had a good heart-to-heart conversation. It appears that we have a good chance of our separation concluding with my wife moving back home and us working on our marriage together. It was a treacherous journey, one that I would have most surely bungled without your book.” – Best Regards, Mike Luca

“…chapter [2], alone, is worth the US cover price…what is here is impressive…” Donna Dillman, GRIP Magazine

I have been reading your book all week and have found it to be completely insightful and clarifying. I have been married for 7 years and have a 3 year old at home. I have not engaged in an affair but over but over the last few months have definitely considered looking for it…Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I feel clearer now than  I have for a long time. I know my whole family is going to benefit from this information.”– Katie Little

”I just happened across your website and what I’ve found is truly enlightening. As a psychologist I did have occasion to study marriage and marriage counseling to some degree but my primary interest has always been in working with children and adolescents. Clearly there is a significant absence of information such as yours being disseminated to graduating psychologists in training. Having been down the marital breakup path, I can also clearly attest to the accuracy of your conclusions…I do thank-you for writing such an insightful and informative book and will share it with my numerous friends who are currently experiencing similar marital challenges, as well as some of my professional colleagues who are more directly involved in working with couples…” – Dr. D

“I wish to congratulate you…yours is by far the most razor-sharp study of female infidelity ever done. Ever. And that’s not hyperbole…” Richard James

 “What I find so disturbing is that I could have been in counseling for another 10 years and I still would not have learned anything about what I learned from your books.  I am grateful to you for putting this information out there for people like me who have been hurting and confused for so long.”  Julie Heckner

Before reading your book, I had been living in limbo for almost two years. I was so confused and I felt like I was going crazy. I even went to a psychologist to try and figure out what was wrong with me. I had just about given up all hope and then I heard you on the radio talking about your book. Thank you so much for writing this book. For the first time in a long time I finally feel like I’m getting back to normal again.”  – Justine Pace

“I heard you on the radio and I thought you may have some answers for me since I had just caught my wife cheating. I was wondering why this was happening so I ordered your book. I received your book the other day and read it cover to cover. I was amazed. It seemed to be written about my marriage.”  – Tom Brickner Los Angeles 



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