“Why Women Cheat And Have Affairs”

The Short Answer That Explains Why So Many Women Today Cheat

When I meet people and they find out that I’ve written a couple books about female Infidelity, the first question they almost always ask is, “So why do women cheat?” People ask me this question because they’re hoping that I’ll be able to summarize my research in a couple sentences. So I ask them directly, “Do you want the short answer? And sure enough, most people will say, “Yes, give me the short answer.” So here’s the short answer — because they can.

The Real Reason Women Cheat (Because They Can)… Doesn’t Sit Well For Many People

Needless to say, this answer doesn’t always go over well. But just because the answer doesn’t sit well with people doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. In the past, female infidelity was unacceptable to the degree that incidents of infidelity could be punishable by death, and even today there are still places in the world where females can be punished or killed for having extramarital sex.

The fact is many of the prevailing beliefs we hold about women were created and taught to control the sexual behavior of females in an effort to ease paternity insecurity in males. When females give birth they know the children they give birth to are biologically theirs. Males on the other hand, prior to DNA testing, had to rely on the faithfulness of their partners; which is the reason a sexual double-standard emerged. However, over time the sexual double standard gave way to a false belief that females were in fact naturally monogamous. Now, due to birth control, economic freedom and DNA testing, women are cheating as much as men.

Unfortunately, many people still think that women are naturally monogamous and not inclined to cheat. However, the old system was created for the exact opposite reason. In the old system, women were ‘given’ something in exchange for NOT cheating. Why do you think men were expected to support women in the past? Men were paying to have exclusive access to a woman’s reproductive system.

The biggest mistake that I see marriage counselors and infidelity experts make when they’re discussing the subject of why women cheat is their reluctance to acknowledge the fact that women aren’t naturally monogamous. Yet, not acknowledging this fact about women’s sexual nature not only creates a domino effect of misunderstandings about why women cheat, but it also allows women to blame men when they cheat. Men and women need to be held to the same standard; and ultimately, that’s what women really want.

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