When Women Start Talking About "SEPARATING" It's Safe To Assume That They're Seeing Someone... Learn How Women Use Separation As A Tool To Cheat


When women start talking about separating from their husbands, it’s safe to assume that they’re seeing someone, or that they have a ‘particular’ someone in mind that they want to start seeing. You see, females use faithfulness as a selling tool to acquire new partners, so they must always disguise the fact that they’re ‘willing’ to cheat on their current partner.

This is why separation plays such an important role for women who are cheating on their husbands (or who are planning to cheat on their husbands). Separation not only allows women the time and freedom to cheat; but it’s also a tool that married women use to ‘appear’ as though they’re not willing to cheat on their husbands. In fact, it’s not uncommon for women to start hinting about not being happy within days of becoming attracted to a new man. This is simply how women begin planting the seeds to set a separation in motion.

The Female Version Of Pursue And Discard

Men often have a hard time understanding women until they understand the female version of pursue and discard which I explain in Women’s Infidelity. To summarize, the female version of pursue and discard, can best be understood by men this way: females ‘generally’ feel the same way after getting a male to commitment, that males ‘generally’ feel after getting a female into bed. Males often lose interest in females after getting them into bed; because the chase is over and the prize has been won. It’s the same for females after they get males to commit. Females often lose interest in males because the chase is over and the prize has been won.

Getting a male ‘into a commitment’ requires loyalty, or at least, the ‘appearance’ of loyalty; and this is one of the main reasons women feel as though they have to separate when they cheat. Women think separating makes cheating not count, so to speak.  In other words, women think that if they’re separated, they can have sex with a man other than their husband and still present themselves as a faithful partner.

Put simply, in terms of mating, a lot of the passion and excitement for women comes from the challenge of getting a new male into a commitment. In much the same way that a lot of the passion and excitement for men comes from the challenge of getting a new female into bed. Men often don’t know how they feel about women until after they have sex.  Women often don’t know how they feel about men until after they get a commitment.

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Women’s Infidelity II: Breaking Out Of Limbo

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• How to stop your circular thinking
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