Women In Limbo

If you’re like most women during an affair, you’re torn…Woman Confused

    • Your head is telling you one thing
    • Your heart is telling you something else
    • And you’ve probably been vacillating back and forth for a long time

You probably think all the thinking and analyzing you’re doing will eventually lead you to a decision. You believe (or, at least, hope) in time, you’ll know with certainty whether you want to stay married or get divorced.

Unfortunately, that’s probably NOT going to happen. Without realizing it, many women today are ‘passively’ ending their marriages. You see, all of us use strategies to satisfy our needs and accomplish our goals.The strategies we use fall under one of two categories: Active and Passive.  We use active strategies when we feel strong and competent and passive strategies when we feel weak or at a disadvantage.  As Dr. Breuning explains in her book, Habits Of A Happy Brain, “…the impulse to compare yourself to others and decide whether you’re stronger or weaker is more pressing than the impulse to eat.”

Females are naturally inclined to use passive strategies because, generally speaking, they’re not as physically strong as males.  However, operating from a weak mindset actually works to the ‘advantage’ of females because it makes them avoid confrontation. When we avoid confrontation, we minimize our risk of incurring physical harm, and this is crucial for females since they carry the offspring.

But here’s the problem, passive strategies are often unconscious, so women usually don’t know the real reasons why they’re choosing to live in limbo; and women usually don’t know that they’re actually in the process of ENDING their marriages, either


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Women’s Infidelity II: Breaking Out Of Limbo

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• How to stop your circular thinking
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