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Women's Infidelity II


Women's Infidelity explained one of the most prevalent problems couples are facing in their relationships today - female infidelity -and the marital limbo that results.  Now, in Women's Infidelity II, Michelle Langley takes women through the process of breaking out of limbo in seven clearly defined steps.  Women's Infidelity II may be an uncomfortable read for some women because, as in Langley's first book, the truth here is both startling and unsettling.  However, by books end, women will be empowered and equipped with vital knowledge allowing them to finally find that for which they've searched - clarity.


Table of Contents

Women's Infidelity II: Breaking Out of Limbo:

How To End Your Confusion And Move Forward



Chapter 1
Getting Clear

Chapter 2
The Other Side of the Story: What You Aren't Supposed to Know

Chapter 3
I Love Him, But I'm Not "in" Love with Him

Chapter 4
The Stages of Limbo

Chapter 5
Wiggling Out

Chapter 6
The 7 Steps to Breaking Out of Limbo

Chapter 7
Commitment and Purpose


(Note to men: Women's Infidelity II is an important book for men if their wives' are on the fence.  The information in this book will take men inside the mind of a woman when she's cheating so they will know exactly what their wives are thinking and feeling when they're in limbo - and the information will also enable them to clearly understand all of their wives mixed signals.)








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Women's Infidelity
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