About Michelle Langley

Hi, I’m Michelle Langley. I’m a personal and professional development coach.  My passion has always been helping others discover and develop their unique gifts and talents.  But my life took an unexpected turn when I began to experience what I now know are the all too common and predictable “I’m not happy” feelings in my marriage.  At that time, I had been happily married for 4 years and then, suddenly, it seemed, I began feeling bored and unhappy.  Eventually, through my own research, I discovered that what I was experiencing was quite normal.  In fact, it appeared I had been following a script – a script that like so many women, I didn’t even know existed.

Why I Can Help

I wrote Women’s Infidelity after almost 10 years of research. And I’ve been consulting and coaching men and women on how to deal with women’s infidelity issues for well over a decade. If you’re ready to begin the journey to feeling like ‘you’ again, I can help.  I can give you the direction and support you need to stabilize your emotions and get back to feeling as though you’re on solid ground again.