Feelings During An Affair

Are You Afraid That Your Feelings For Your Affair Partner Will Change?

If you’re like most women during an affair, you’re afraid that your feelings for your affair partner will change. In fact, this is one of women’s women’s primary concerns during an affair; and it’s one of women’s primary concerns for a reason. Most women have been starry eyed and head over heels for a man, and then, their feelings change; sometimes their feelings change almost overnight, and other times, their feelings just fade away slowly…Read More


How To Get Perspective During An Affair

My client Ally (not her real name) has agreed to let me use her story to help other women.  Ally scheduled a consultation because she desperately wanted to get some perspective before separating from her husband. Ally’s been married for 18 years, and she’s been having an affair for about six months. Ally met her affair partner on a business trip. Ally didn’t normally travel for work, but her boss had a family emergency and Ally had to take his place at a conference….Read More


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Women’s Infidelity: Living In Limbo

Learn The REAL Reasons Women Cheat

Why women lose sexual desire for their husbands
Why women are more likely than men to become addicted to affair sex
Why marriage and fidelity can actually be MORE difficult for women than it is for men
Why women have such a hard time ending and getting over their affairs 
Why women overwhelmingly initiate the majority of all divorces – even when they’re married to good men
Why and how men unknowingly make the problem worse by doing the opposite of what they need to do to save their marriages

Women’s Infidelity II: Breaking Out Of Limbo

Learn How To Sort Through Your Feelings:

How to know if your feelings for the other man are real
• How to understand your feelings for your husband – what it really means when you say, “I love him, but I’m not “in” love with him
How to know if there’s a possibility for a future with the other man
• How to stop your circular thinking
How to end your confusion and move forward in 7 clearly defined steps
Men: This book is for you, too. In this book, you’ll learn how women process infidelity. Find out exactly what your wife is thinking, feeling and planning.


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