How Women End Marriages
“Did You Know That There Are Two Distinct Ways To End A Relationship?”

 Women Are “Passive” Relationship End-ers.

In his book, Transitions, William Bridges asks his readers the following question, “Looking back over your ending experiences, what can you say about your own style of bringing situations to a close? Is it abrupt and designed to deny the impact of the change, or is it so slow and gradual that it’s hard to see that anything important is happening? Do you tend to be active or passive in these terminal situations?”

“Limbo” is much easier to understand when you know how women end relationships – because women end relationships in a very specific, and “passive” way.  In the simplest of terms, women end relationships subtly—in order to, at least, initially, disguise the fact that they’re actually “ending” the relationship.

Women Avoid Confrontation And Loss By “Slowly” Transitioning Their Romantic Partners Into “Friends”

Women are “wean-ers” – they wean themselves away from romantic partners — and they wean romantic partners away from them, too. In other words, women end relationships by doing the exact opposite of “cutting the cord”; and they do this for a reason. You see, rejecting a lover can be dangerous; because rejection often triggers anger and rage in people. And this is why females are hard wired to “wiggle” and “finesse” their way out of romantic relationships -  it’s because females aren’t as physically strong as males. As John Lee tell us in his book, The Half Lived Life, “Passive people constantly feel that something or someone is much stronger than them.”

Most women in Western society, today, don’t live in fear of men – but this is definitely something new. In the past, ending relationships was dangerous for females – and, at root, this is why females turn romantic partners into friends – it’s to avoid arousing anger in males.

Unfortunately, transitioning someone from a romantic relationship into a friendship can take a really long time – and it can cause a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering, too.  As I explain in Women’s Infidelity II, women often use or, at least, attempt to use the same approach to end their marriages that they used on their boyfriends prior to getting married.  The problem, however, is that the process of “turning a romantic partner into a friend” doesn’t work on husbands, at least, not in the way that women expect.

Helpful Tip For Men: If you are serious about wanting to save your marriage, then you must resist the temptation to become submissive.  Keep in mind that you can wait to make decisions until you stabilize your emotions and gain perspective without operating from a disadvantaged (subordinate) mindset.

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