3 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating... Learn What Signs To Look For When Women Cheat.

3 Revealing Signs

1. Does Your Wife Want More Alone Time When She’s At Home? If your wife is cheating, she’ll want lots of time alone to “fantasize” about her affair partner. For example, has your wife started going into a separate room to watch TV or read? Or has your wife been going to bed earlier or later than you? When women are cheating, they spend an inordinate amount of time “fantasizing” about their affair partners (in fact, women derive most of their pleasure during an affair from fantasizing). In Women’s Infidelity II, I refer to this important aspect of female infidelity as “emotional masturbation.” If your wife suddenly wants a lot more time alone, seems irritated whenever she’s interrupted from her thoughts, and appears distracted or somewhat “out of it” most of the time, this is a red flag that she may be cheating.

2. Has Your Wife Changed The Way She Grooms Her Pubic Hair? If you’ve done any searches online for signs that your wife is cheating then you already know that changes in grooming habits are a red flag. However, I want to add a sure tell sign to the usual lists that typically include things like dressing better, getting a new hairstyle or going to the gym. When women cheat, they often start grooming their pubic area differently. For example, if your wife has started to shave more of her pubic area than she did before, or if she’s shaving more frequently than she did before, this is a big red flag that she may be cheating. (Note: Your wife may become more guarded with her body in order to hide that she’s grooming her pubic area differently).

3. Is Your Wife Having Mood Swings? If your wife is cheating, she not only has an additional relationship (and additional relationship issues) that are influencing the way she feels; but the relationship itself will act on her like a drug. So if your wife’s mood is constantly fluctuating or if she’s swinging from one extreme emotional state to another (and this is unusual behavior for her) it could be a sign that she’s cheating.

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