Betrayed Husband… Do You Want To Save Your Marriage? You Absolutely Can… But Only If You Stop Operating From A Disadvantaged Mindset.


Do You Still Inflate And Deflate?

As Dr. Loretta Breuning explains in her book, Habits Of A Happy Brain, “…the impulse to compare yourself to others and decide whether you’re stronger or weaker is more pressing than the impulse to eat.”  This impulse, however, is something that we outgrow, at a certain level of development; but unfortunately, most of us don’t operate at that level.

In fact, if you’re desperately trying to save your marriage, it’s because you’re comparing YOUR DESIRE to stay in the marriage with YOUR WIFE’S DESIRE to stay in the marriage.  In romantic relationships, that’s how strength and weakness is determined.  The partner with the least DESIRE holds the dominant or “one-up position” while the partner with the most desire holds the submissive “one-down position.”  You see, the position determines your mindset.  But,,, here’s the important part  you can choose not to act on the impulse.

She also writes, “Each mammal species has gestures that signal dominance and submission.  A submission gesture protects an individual from the pain of conflict with stronger individuals.”

Do An honest Assessment. How Out Of Control Do You Feel?

Do an honest assessment to determine whether you believe you can manage your fear and anxiety on your own. If you’re feeling out of control, and your behavior has become compulsive—don’t put off getting the support and step-by-step direction you need to save your marriage. Contact Ashley to learn more about scheduling a consultation.

If you haven’t read the Women’s Infidelity books, that’s where you need to start. You’ll find out exactly what your wife is thinking, feeling and planning – so you can stop analyzing—and stop operating from a disadvantaged mindset because a disadvantaged mindset leads to divorce.


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Women’s Infidelity II: Breaking Out Of Limbo

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How to know if your feelings for the other man are real
How to understand your feelings for your husband – what it really means when you say, “I love him, but I’m not “in” love with him
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• How to stop your circular thinking
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