Have You Recently Ended An Affair? Or, Are You Trying To End An Affair? Learn How To Cope With The Pain And Emptiness Of Affair Withdrawal...

Are You Ready To Stop Hurting?

If you have recently ended an affair or, if you’re trying to end an affair, then you know the pain and emptiness of ‘affair’ withdrawal. What you are feeling is normal, and the feelings you are experiencing are very real. But it’s important that you don’t misinterpret the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing during this time.

An affair is often a wake-up call. Sometimes it can be a wake-up call to what’s happening (or not happening) in our primary relationship. But mostly, it’s just a wake-up call; a call for us to stop living on auto-pilot and to begin growing and developing ourselves into more whole and complete individuals. In other words, an affair can be a catalyst that moves us into a new and higher level of operating and ‘being’ in the world. In the simplest of terms, it’s a call to become more AWAKE and ALIVE.

Think about that for a moment. Isn’t that one of things you loved most about the affair – it made you feel ALIVE? Unfortunately, most people miss the call and become less rather than more conscious, because they get ‘stuck’ in their head, and consequently ‘stuck’ in an emotional current.

You’ve probably heard someone say one of the following statements:

“My husband’s affair brought me and my husband closer together.”

“My wife’s affair was one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

“My affair was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

People say these things because they were able to integrate the affair (or the betrayal) into one of (many) of their life experiences; without letting the affair or the betrayal define them, or become a part of their identity; instead, the affair or the betrayal becomes more like a course they took in a life master class, that was ultimately worth the hefty price they paid for the class.

We Delay Or Miss The ‘Aha’ Moments From Our Experiences When We Hit The Pause Button On Our Lives

Ironically, we delay or miss the ‘aha’ moments from our experiences when we hit the pause button on our lives to ‘wait’ for a big, breakthrough moment, where we’ll suddenly have everything all figured out.

Unfortunately, that’s how we get ‘stuck’ in our head and consequently stuck’ in an emotional current – it happens because we hit the pause button. We stop living our lives and instead retreat into our minds to analyze and sort through our feelings. But this only increases our confusion and prolongs our suffering. In addition, we often use our confusion as a scapegoat to keep things the same. For example, in the case of infidelity or an affair, we often use our confusion as an excuse to keep cheating.

In fact, women in limbo usually believe that it’s “okay” to keep cheating on their husbands as long as they’re confused. In other words, being confused somehow makes cheating ‘not count’ in their minds.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Choice You Make, There’s No Way Around The Pain.

It helps when women realize that there’s no way around the pain. It doesn’t matter which choice you make: stay married; get divorced; keep cheating; every choice will involve the experience of painful emotions. But painful emotions aren’t something we need to be afraid of; and the opposite is also true, too. We don’t need to be afraid of letting go of our pain, either—and unfortunately, that’s what women are often holding onto during and after an affair—the pain. The pain gives the affair MEANING. The pain is what makes the affair so special or significant to women. So women have to be ready to ‘stop’ hurting in order to make it through the withdrawal from an affair. This, however, can be incredibly difficult for women, because women not only equate love with longing—they enjoy longing. In fact, that’s one of the main appeals of an affair for women—it’s all the feelings of love—without the commitment—and obligations.

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