“Break Out Of Limbo!” Coaching Course For Men
Reclaim Your Identity And Your Life With Michelle Langley As Your Coach!

Module One: Stabilize & Process

      • 90-Minute Deep Dive & Instruction Session with Michelle
      • Stabilize Your Emotions & Regain Your Footing: Gain control over your emotions–fast! Eliminate compulsive, counter-productive behavior. Learn the most effective stress reduction techniques to manage fear and anxiety. (The critical factor in re-attracting your wife and saving your marriage).
      • Change The Trajectory Of Your Relationship In An Instant: Make a rapid shift from a downward to an upward spiral with two guiding principles and one simple rule.
      • Relationships & Infidelity Masterclass: Learn the ecology of relationships and the root cause of infidelity. Get step-by-step direction to re-attract your wife.
      • Scripting: Eliminate circular conversations, build trust and gain your wife’s respect.with “Precision” Communication Scripts.
      • Module One also includes two additional coaching sessions with Michelle, personalized EFT Tapping Scripts, and Monday – Friday email support with Ashley.

Module Two: Clarity & Commitment

      • Resolve Your Internal Conflict: Betrayal often creates an ‘internal’ war of sorts. As Deepak Chopra explains, “After being betrayed, most of us want two things, usually at the same time. We want to wound the person who hurt us—as deeply and as excruciatingly—as we’ve been wounded, and we want to rise above the situation and offer that person forgiveness.” Learn how to reconcile your opposing desires so you can STOP sabotaging your progress.
      • Reclaim Your Identity: Imagine how FREEING and ENERGIZING it would be to know that you COULD walk away ‘IF’ you wanted to. Gain the Power and Freedom to CHOOSE. Get crystal clear about what you want and why you want it (Fact: Your reason for wanting to save your marriage is the single-most determining factor in whether or not your wife will reaffirm her commitment to the marriage).
      • Commitment:  Learn how to inspire your wife into reaffirming her commitment to you and the marriage.
      • Module Two also includes two coaching sessions with Michelle, personalized EFT Tapping Scripts, and Monday – Friday email support with Ashley.

Module Three: Self Worth & Purpose

      • Discover Your Passion & Purpose: For the past several decades, society has been socializing males to believe that their purpose in life is to prioritize female happiness. And this has created many negative side effects. In addition to having a negative impact on men’s relationships with women (women aren’t sexually attracted to men who center their lives around them) prioritizing female happiness has caused men to disconnect from their core selves and their purpose. The significance of your life may extend far outside your immediate family. Discovering your passion and purpose is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, your family and the world. Learn how to connect with your core self and expand your vision for the future.
      • Module Two includes two coaching sessions with Michelle, personalized EFT tapping scripts, and Monday – Friday email support with Ashley.