“Break Out Of Limbo!” Coaching Course For Women

Reclaim Your Identity And Your Life—>Get Clear About What You Really Want—>And Create The Life You Truly Want To Live

Sad Confused Woman

Work 1-on-1 With Michelle For 6 Weeks

Total Cost For Women’s Coaching Program – $975.00

        • No More Going Around In Circles In Your Head! Learn how to create order in your mind so you can stop vacillating back and forth!
        • Break Out Of “Freeze” Mode And Move Forward From The Terror Of Making The ‘WRONG” Decision. Learn effective stress reduction techniques to eliminate guilt, fear and doubt and restore emotional balance.
        • Get Clear About What You REALLY Want! Learn how to “tune-in” to your intuition and gain the clarity you desire—about your husband—and—your affair partner. Find out if there’s hope for your marriage or if you’re just biding time. How well do you really know your affair partner? Find out if your affair partner is a good long-term fit or if he came in to your life to serve another purpose.
        • Understand The Root Cause Of Infidelity. You don’t want to end up back in this same place again. Learn the ecology of relationships (how relationships really work) and prevent this painful life experience from repeating itself again in your future.
        • Price includes a 90-minute deep-dive and instruction session with Michelle, five additional 1-hour coaching sessions with Michelle, personalized EFT Tapping scripts, and Monday – Friday email support with Ashley.

If you would like additional information please contact Ashley at info@breakoutoflimbo.com