How To Cope With The Pain And Emptiness Of Affair Withdrawal... What You Must Know If You've Recently Ended An Affair... Or, If You're Trying To End An Affair...

Are You Ready To Stop Hurting?

If you’ve recently ended an affair, or if you’re trying to end an affair, then you know the pain and emptiness of affair withdrawal. What you’re feeling is normal, and the feelings you’re experiencing are very real. But it’s important that you don’t misinterpret the thoughts and feelings that you’re experiencing during this time.

An affair is often a wake-up call. Sometimes it can be a wake-up call to what’s happening (or not happening) in our primary relationship. But mostly, it’s just a wake-up call; a call for us to stop living on auto-pilot and to begin growing and developing ourselves into more whole and complete individuals. In other words, an affair can be a catalyst that moves us into a new and higher level of functioning.

Unfortunately, most people miss the call and become less rather than more conscious because they get ‘stuck’ in a thinking-feeling loop.

You’ve probably read an article or heard about someone who makes one of the following statements:

“My husband’s affair brought me and my husband closer together.”

“My wife’s affair really woke me up.”

People only say these things when they’ve been  able to integrate the affair (or the betrayal) into one of their “many” life experiences. In other words, people who are able to successfully move forward from infidelity, do so, because they don’t let the affair or the betrayal define them or become part of their identity. Instead, for these men and women the affair or the betrayal becomes more like a course they took in a life master class (that was ultimately worth the hefty price they paid for the wisdom they received). 

We Delay Or Miss The ‘Aha’ Moments From Our Experiences When We Hit The Pause Button On Our Lives

Ironically, we delay or miss the ‘aha’ moments from our experiences when we hit the pause button on our lives to analyze our feelings. You see, after women cheat, it’s quite common for them to mistakenly believe that if they wait and analyze what they’re feeling for a long enough period of time, they’ll eventually have some big, breakthrough moment, where they’ll suddenly have everything all figured out. But that’s not what happens; instead, women become increasingly more and more confused because they’re feelings are constantly shifting and changing.

That’s why if you want to stop hurting, you have to press the play button on your life and start living again — without needing to have anything figured out beforehand. The answers and insight you need will come to you AFTER not before you get out of your head and start engaging in life again.

I know how hard it is to re-engage in life again because the affair gave you lots and lots of energy — and now you don’t have that energy. In fact, now you probably have a lot less energy than you had before the affair started—so this is going to be extremely difficult. But this is part of the process of becoming whole. To become whole you have to learn how to self-regulate.

Do An Honest Assessment. How Low Is Your Energy?

Do an honest assessment to determine whether you believe you can manage your energy level on your own. If you’re feeling lethargic and you can’t seem to motivate yourself to move forward—don’t put off getting the support and step-by-step direction you need to start living your best life. Contact Ashley to learn more about scheduling a consultation.

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