How To Forgive Your Wife For Cheating

How To Forgive Your Wife For Having An Affair. The Real Reasons You’re Struggling To Forgive Your Wife.

There are two types of betrayed men that I work with —> betrayed men who are desperate to get their wives to recommit to the marriage and —> betrayed men whose wives have already recommitted to the marriage.

Betrayed men whose wives have already recommitted to the marriage know something that betrayed men who are “in-pursuit-of-a-commitment” don’t know. Betrayed men whose wives have already recommitted, know that getting a commitment from their wives, doesn’t change anything.

Why Getting Your Wife To Recommit To The Marriage Doesn’t Change Anything

Getting your wife to recommit to the marriage doesn’t take away the pain of being cheated on; it doesn’t take away your insecurities about your wife cheating on you again; and it doesn’t make you STOP THINKING about your wife’s betrayal.

In fact, getting a commitment from your wife can actually make things worse for you instead of better, in terms of “thinking” about your wife’s betrayal; because men in pursuit of a commitment are focused on winning their wives back, so they have something “other” than their wife’s betrayal to focus on. While betrayed men whose wives have already recommitted, don’t have that luxury — instead, their minds are hyper-focused “on” the betrayal itself.

If this is the situation that you’re currently in, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Your mind has become…Read More


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