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Are You Guilty of Rewarding Your Wife For Cheating?

As Debbie Ford tells us in her book, The Right Questions, “It’s human nature to opt for the quick fix, preferring to suffer the consequences of our behavior . . . later. Our desires in the moment win out over our commitments for the future. Choices made in the heat of the moment, without a thought for their consequences, are choices based on instant gratification…Instant gratification ensures that we will travel in the same vicious circles again and again.” If you’re like most men who are moving through the stages, you probably don’t…Read More

How To Stop Your Wife’s Affair In An Instant.

Men who are moving through the stages must understand that the intensity of their wives’ feelings is contingent upon ‘their’ resistance. The husband is the obstacle that’s fueling the wife’s desire for the other man. This is why women give their husbands signs of hope when they suspect that their husbands are letting go; it’s because women can’t enjoy their affairs unless they feel they have their husbands locked down. Women need to know that their husbands are scared and waiting for them in the wings; otherwise they begin to feel anxious and off balance (like men who are moving through the stages). In other words, women need to know that their husbands are participating in the affair triangle … Read More

The #1 Affair Stopping, Marriage Saving ‘Rule’ Men Must Follow

Are you trying to change your wife’s mind? Trying to change her mind about––anything? And I really do mean about anything? Because trying to change your wife’s mind is the single most counter-productive behavior you can engage in if you want to save your marriage. Read More