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Stop Suffering And Start Feeling Like ‘You’ Again

If your spouse is having an affair or, if you are having an affair, you’re currently in the midst of one of life’s most painful and difficult challenges. The wide-ranging tsunami of emotions triggered by infidelity and the threat of divorce can be nothing short of debilitating. If you’re like most people, you not only need clear step-by-step direction, but you also need support — support that is ongoing and gets you back on an even keel again.

Step-By-Step Direction For Men And Women

Michelle Langley has spent the last 20 years immersed in women’s infidelity issues — and her groundbreaking books are recommended by counselors and therapists all over the world. As a consultant and coach Michelle specializes in: helping men navigate their wives’ affairs and save their marriages; and helping women gain clarity so they can move forward with confidence and certainty.

Break Out Of Limbo —> Breakthrough To A Healthy Adult Relationship

 Targeted Help For Men  —> Protect Your Relationship From Further Damage

• Breakthrough To A Healthy Adult Relationship With Your Wife: It’s never too late to stop doing the things that don’t work and to start doing the things that actually do work. Learn the 3- steps to transition into healthy adulthood and —> inspire your wife to end the affair, recommit to the marriage and move into a healthy adult relationship with you. 

Learn why infidelity is NOT a relationship issue —> it’s a development issue.  Healthy adults don’t cheat on their partners; and they don’t try to hang on to cheating partners, either. If you want to save your marriage, you must move from your current stage of development to an adult stage of development. Learn the 3- steps to transition into healthy adulthood and inspire your wife to end the affair, recommit to the marriage and move into a healthy adult relationship with you. 

• Learn How To Gain Control Over Your Emotions—Fast! Learn the most effective stress reduction techniques to quiet your mind and manage your fear and anxiety —> the critical first step in the process of saving your marriage.

• Learn What To Say Word-For-Word: Get word-for-word scripts so you can stop worrying about saying the wrong thing and making your situation worse and avoid getting into circular conversations that will only keep you stuck.   

• Eliminate The Power Imbalance And Stop The Downward Spiral: Your wife’s affair created a power imbalance in the relationship —> correct the imbalance by following 3 simple rules and “instantly” change the trajectory of the relationship.

• Stop Yourself From Being —> “DESEXUALIZED”: Your wife wants to turn you into a friend (this is a female mating strategy). If you don’t avoid this trap, your wife’s feelings for you will continue to become more and more like brother and sister, as opposed to husband and wife. Learn the two steps you can take to STOP your wife from desexualizing you.

• Uncover Hidden Conflicts And Process Your Mixed Feelings: After we’ve been betrayed, we usually want two things, at the same time, and this is why you can easily get stuck in a cycle of self sabotaging behavior. For example, part of you may want nothing more than to reconcile with your wife; while another part of you is afraid to reconcile out of fear of being cheated on again. Or, part of you may want to save your marriage; while another part of you wants your wife to pay for all the pain that she’s caused you. Learn how to uncover your hidden conflicts and process your mixed feelings around reconciling with your wife so you can avoid —> self-sabotaging behavior.

 Specialized Help For Women  —> “Breakthrough To Healthy Adult Love!”

• Restore Your Emotional Equilibrium: Learn how to restore balance to your system so you can stop living at the mercy of constantly “shifting” feelings —> the critical first step in the process of “knowing” what you want.

• The Affair Triangle: Learn how the affair triangle really works. Discover the blindspot that nobody talks about — even though it’s built-in to every affair. Plus, find out the most important factor that you NEED to take into consideration when assessing your affair partner as a potential future mate.

• Learn The X-Factor To —> Break-Out-Of-Limbo: Have you noticed that the more you think about your situation —> the MORE confused and stuck you get? Stop confusing yourself by analyzing the non-factors —> shift your focus to the one-thing that will free your mind, untangle the issues and “tune-you-in” to your intuition.

• Clarify Your Feelings For Your Husband: Stop vacillating back and forth between staying married and getting divorced —> learn two simple clarifying questions that can reveal the future of your marriage.

• New You: Your affair changed you. It changed the way you see yourself, your life and everyone around you. Don’t waste this opportunity for “real and lasting” change. Discover a simple an effective way to wipe the slate clean and start fresh! Plus, learn the 3 life-changing lessons that an affair can teach you about love and relationships and avoid “repeating” painful relationship patterns in the future.

 How To Schedule A Private Consultation With Michelle

The cost for a private phone consultation with Michelle is $175.00. If you would like to schedule a consultation or would like additionalinformation please contact Ashley at info@breakoutoflimbo.com


~ T e s t i m o n i a l s ~

Best money I ever spent! My wife was totally against trying to reconcile. She said she found her “soul mate.” I panicked (did everything wrong) and was basically an emotional wreck. I really didn’t have any hope. I scheduled a consultation mainly to get a little peace of mind. And I am so glad I did. I got off the phone feeling better than hopeful. I felt like I could actually handle what was happening. The insight and support I received from Michelle was exceptional…and when I had questions between coaching sessions I just emailed Ashley. I would definitely be divorced today if it wasn’t for Michelle…I’m very, very thankful… Jonathon, Philadelphia PA

~ ~ ~

Michelle, you saved my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but I believe it’s true. I couldn’t have lived the way I was living for much longer. I will be forever grateful to you for helping me through this difficult time in my life. I feel truly blessed to have found you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Cindy Kansas City, MO

~ ~ ~

Michelle, I can’t thank you enough. My wife has done a complete 180. I know you told me this would happen, but I just can’t get over how quickly her behavior changed. My wife immediately became affectionate and started initiating sexual intimacy. It’s been four months now and things between us are as good as they were early on in our marriage. Your books and consultations (and Ashley’s follow up, thank’s Ashley!) really saved my marriage. My sincerest thanks, Greg, Boulder CO

~ ~ ~

I had been in counseling for around 7 months prior to talking to Michelle. Every week it was the same conversation with my counselor.. I just went around and around in circles. It’s like there was this door that I didn’t want to go through and Michelle just took me by the hand and walked me right through it. Thank you so much! Kathy, Annapolis MD

~ ~ ~

Michelle & Ashley, I really appreciate your kindness, compassion (and your sense of humor). I had some pretty rough days, but you guys were really there for me. Michelle, I can’t believe the things you know (it freaks me out a little lol). You can tell you two really care about the people you’re helping. I would have never expected this level of support. Thank you both for everything! Anthony, Vancouver Canada

~ ~ ~

Michelle, I want to thank you! Your coaching has helped me in so many ways. My relationship with my wife was just about over. I thought I was trying to save my marriage. But you helped me see that I wasn’t really trying to save my marriage. I was trying to delay the ending. Thank you for helping me see through my own ‘shit.’ Patrick, Sydney Australia

~ ~ ~

Michelle, I don’t know where to begin. My wife and I were in counseling when I first contacted you. We had been going for around six months. I knew it was making things worse. But I kept going because to be honest I didn’t know what else to do. The change in my wife’s behavior was so sudden after we talked. If you hadn’t prepared me for her meltdown I know I would have fallen back into the same cycle again. It’s hard to make sense of anything when your emotions are all over the place. Talking to you made me feel better because I could tell you knew what you were talking about. I never got that impression from the counselor we were seeing. You’ve helped me in such a profound way, and I want to thank you for your wisdom and compassion. Les, Chicago

~ ~ ~

Michelle, the work you do is so important. My kids aren’t going to have to live through the pain of divorce because of your knowledge and support. I’m a child of divorce so I know first hand how damaging it is for kids. My sincerest thanks, Eric, Boston

~ ~ ~

Michelle, you have helped me so much!! I was stuck for over 2 YEARS before I found you. Words can’t express my gratitude to you. Thanks to you my life has completely changed in the last six months. You truly inspired me. I bought the house!! I’m in the process of fixing it up now! You are awesome Michelle! Thank you so much. Jenny, Florida


Definitely worth the money! Alex, Madrid

~ ~ ~


If you would like to schedule a “Breakthrough!” Session or would like additional information please contact Ashley at info@breakoutoflimbo.com

Please note Michelle Langley is not a doctor or a psychologist.