Women’s infidelity and Women’s Infidelity II are currently SOLD OUT in paperback. Due to the inconvenience we are offering three special *FREE* Bonuses with all e-book orders.

Bonus One:

A FREE PDF copy of “Save Your Marriage NOW! (For Men)

The information in “Save Your Marriage Now!” is only available to Michelle Langley’s private coaching clients. The cost for a private consultation or coaching session with Michelle is $175.00)

Bonus Two:

A FREE PDF copy of the “3-Step Clarity Process” (For Women)
(The information in the 3-Step Clarity process is only available to Michelle’s Langley’s Private Coaching Clients. The cost for a private consultation or coaching session with Michelle Langley is $175.00)

Bonus Three:

A FREE PDF copy of the “Downward Spiral: The Four Stages Men Move Through After Their Wives Cheat. The Downward Spiral is excerpted from Michelle Langley’s new book which is due out until October 2019.

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