Why Women Can’t Get Clarity During An Affair... Learn The Two Obstacles That Are Preventing You From Getting Clear About What You Really Want.

Why ‘More’ Thinking Won’t Lead You To A Decision

If you’re like most women during an affair, you’re constantly THINKING; and you believe that eventually, all of your THINKING will lead to clarity about whether you want to stay married or get divorced. Unfortunately, that’s not what actually happens. You see, there are two main obstacles that prevent women from gaining clarity during an affair.

Obstacle #1: StressDuring an affair, the chemical cocktail of “new love” creates changes in our brain chemistry; and these changes affect our ability to see things clearly. However, the “new love” feeling isn’t the only thing that prevents people from being able to see things clearly during an affair. Stress also plays a huge role in clouding people’s vision, because —> AFFAIRS ARE STRESSFUL. And as Dawson Church explains in his book, Mind to Matter, “When our consciousness is disrupted by stress, our brains are not coherent…When our brains are not coherent, we aren’t able to think clearly. We’re afflicted by “brain fog,”…Stress can result in a drain of more than 70 percent of the frontal lobes, the cognitive centers of the brain.” So if you’re currently having an affair, you’re probably too stressed to know what you want. The three primary stress factors during an affair are:

1. Stress over the affair being discovered (or if it’s already been discovered stress over the possibility of losing your spouse and the security of your marriage).

2. Stress about losing your affair partner.

3. Stress from feeling pressured to make a decision.

Obstacle #2: “Not Wanting” To Be Clear Whenever we achieve something we want, we experience an emotional crash of sorts. All the energy and momentum required to reach our destination (desired result) screeches to a halt, and we’re left with a void. However, the normal flatness (low energy) that we experience in the gap between achieving an aim and choosing the next aim to focus our attention on is only one of the side effects of becoming clear for women in limbo. The worst side effect for women in limbo is “emotional pain.” In other words, it doesn’t matter what choice women make, or how long they take to make a decision; the emotional pain associated with ending a marriage or the emotional pain associated with the aftermath of an affair can’t be avoided. Therefore, becoming clear automatically thrusts women into the grieving process; and this is why it’s essential for women in limbo to learn how to effectively manage pain and stress, because otherwise, they’ll be too afraid and stressed to get clear about what they really want.

You see, if you’re stuck in limbo, it’s because you’re taking steps out of order. Although your mind is telling you that you need to “figure out” what you want before you can feel better; the truth is just the opposite —> you have to start taking steps to feel better BEFORE you can decide what you want.

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