Tools And Resources For Men

Stress Reduction

As Dawson Church explains in his book, Mind to Matter, “When our consciousness is disrupted by stress, our brains are not coherent…When our brains are not coherent, we aren’t able to think clearly. We’re afflicted by “brain fog,”…When we’re upset…we’re easily confused, and our cognitive abilities plummet…We are unable to be objective and consider a problem realistically. Stress can result in a drain of more than 70 percent of the frontal lobes…Read More


Scripting is one of the most effective tools you can use for handling emotionally charged interactions with your wife. Scripting not only helps you maintain control over yourself, but it also prevents further deterioration of the relationship, too. So don’t be afraid to speak up about needing time to organize your thoughts when a confusing or upsetting situation arises with your wife. Read More


In his book, The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod writes, “Every single one of us has an internal dialogue that runs through our heads, almost non-stop. Most of it is unconscious, that is, we don’t consciously choose the dialogue. Instead we allow our past experiences–both good and bad–to replay over and over again. Not only is this completely normal, it is one of the most important processes for each of us to learn and master. Yet, very few people take responsibility for actively choosing to think positive, proactive thoughts that will add value to their lives.” Read More