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How Women Use Separation As A Tool To Cheat

When a woman starts talking about separating from her husband, you can pretty much guarantee that she’s seeing someone, or that she has a ‘particular’ someone in mind that she wants to start seeing. Since females use faithfulness as a selling tool in acquiring a new mate, they must always disguise the fact that they’re ‘willing’ to cheat on their current partner. Read More

How Women End Marriages

Unfortunately most people aren’t aware that there are two distinct ways to end a relationship. As William Bridges explains in his book, Transitions, “Looking back over your ending experiences, what can you say about your own style of bringing situations to a close? Is it abrupt and designed to deny the impact of the change, or is it so slow and gradual that it’s hard to see that anything important is happening? Do you tend to be active or passive in these terminal situations?” Read More

Affairs Women

Female Stages Of Infidelity.

A lot of women during an affair, (or after an affair ends) are confused, and in so much pain, that they think something might be wrong with them. In other words, the intensity of their feelings and the degree to which they are confused, may not seem normal. But the truth is, it is normal. In fact, several years into my research I was able to identify distinctive patterns and behaviors in the women I interviewed. I categorized these into four separate “stages” that women often experience during the course of their long-term relationships. Read More

Affair Confusion: Torn Between Your Head And Your Heart.

Is your head telling you one thing, but your heart is telling you something different? When we’re torn, it simply means that our brain is at war with itself. All of us are driven by two primary drives: autonomy and attachment. As clinical psychologist and sex therapist David Schnarch points out in his book, Intimacy & Desire, “The tension between our desire for sexual variety and our desire for pair-bonding and sexual exclusivity arises in all of us, regardless of gender.”Read More

Affair Emotions: Confusing Feelings With Spikes And Impulses.

Women have a tendency to confuse feelings with impulses. Women confuse the two because they enjoy having their emotions spiked; and they also enjoy spiking and stirring emotions in others, too. Read More

Why Women Cheat And Have Affairs: The Short Answer.

When I meet people and they find out that I’ve written a couple books about female Infidelity, the first question they almost always ask is, “So why do women cheat?” People ask me this question because they’re hoping that I’ll be able to summarize my research in a couple sentences. So I ask them directly, “Do you want the short answer? And sure enough, most people will say, “Yes, give me the short answer”. So here’s the short answer — because they can. Read More