How Women Use Separation As A Tool To Cheat

When a woman starts talking about separating from her husband, you can pretty much guarantee that she’s seeing someone, or that she has a ‘particular’ someone in mind that she wants to start seeing. Since females use faithfulness as a selling tool in acquiring a new mate, they must always disguise the fact that they’re ‘willing’ to cheat on their current partner. Read More

How Women End Marriages

Unfortunately most people aren’t aware that there are two distinct ways to end a relationship. As William Bridges explains in his book, Transitions, “Looking back over your ending experiences, what can you say about your own style of bringing situations to a close? Is it abrupt and designed to deny the impact of the change, or is it so slow and gradual that it’s hard to see that anything important is happening? Do you tend to be active or passive in these terminal situations?” Read More